The Park

Its missions

Neode assumes a mission of general interest for the benefit of the community and economy as a whole.

Supporting the start-up of new initiatives and companies in the micro and nanotechnology fields.

Encouraging the launch and development of young companies, by offering them space within the incubator.

Supporting the development of companies that are backing cutting-edge projects, by offering them space in the business centre.

Encouraging technology transfers between the private sector, research centres, and Universities.

Promoting cooperation between researchers and industrial companies.

Neode: the Neuchatel platform for technology transfer

Neode’s origins can be traced to the creative forces, manufacturing capabilities, and talents that have made the Neuchatel Region a centre of excellence for micro-technology and new technologies. The Canton of Neuchatel, research and training institutions, and cantonal and private business representatives were all involved in setting up the organisation. As a result, Neode is contributing to the renewal and diversification of the regional economic fabric by encouraging job creation.

From project to reality

Once it has accepted a project, Neode is able to offer:

Premises (office, workshop or cleanroom) as well as coaching services.

Help with looking for financial partners, primarily through Finergence, a foundation that aims to provide initial funding for innovative companies.

Support for industrialisation, administrative services (reception services, logistics, mail, administrative management and accounting) and more specific services if required.

Accommodation, support, and management facilities

Neode manages and operates the technology and industrial business park. Houses companies, supports (coaches) the companies that it houses, and provides all the professional skills required to support their projects. Neode runs a one-stop shop for innovative SMCs, and simplifies the start-up of your company and the industrialisation of your projects.

The Neode environment

The Park provides its guests with all the facilities required to found and develop a company. Outdoor spaces, which include barbecue facilities and garden furniture, are freely accessible. Coffee machines and water coolers are available free of charge at both Neode sites. As Neode is environmentally-conscious, the mail for the companies that it houses is delivered by bicycle courier on a daily basis. In addition, the paper and PET recycling facilities installed on every floor are also a part of the company’s environmental efforts.