The Park

Neode "A new way forward"

Neode comes from the ancient Greek neo (new) and hodos (way, passage).
In its prefix, its name evokes Neuchâtel (Neocomum, new castle) while its suffix suggests the world of Science and Technology (in electrode, diode, anode, geode, and so forth). Globally the name implies a «new way» from Idea to Application: a «new way» for Development and Progress.
The logo represents a protective but open-minded environment in which its various constituent elements are weaving together a network made up for the links between research and technical applications in material, structural, physical and chemical interactions.


2001 Initiation
2002 First Studies
2003 Creation of Neode and Finergence
2004 Start of the incubator
2005 Science park, enterprise zone and offer SME
2006 Maturity

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