Neode is the fruit of a partnership between the Canton, the region's research and education institutions and the canton's economy, who all hold parts pf Neode's share capital. Neode was set up in 2003 as the result of an initiative made by the Neuchâtel Government and operates as a private legal entity.

As such, Neode is part and parcel of Neuchâtel's longstandingglobal effort in economic expansion, and has become one of its key instruments.


Alliance is the knowledge and technology transfer consortium for the French and Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland. Its members include 6,000 research staff from partner universities and university hospitals. Alliance forges bonds between laboratories and companies through its Outreach Programme, which aims to boost technology transfers for the dual benefit of companies and researchers. Alliance has created a proactive network that enables new contacts to be made, and support to be provided for a new collaborative drive between research and the economy, which encourages growth and job creation.

The CTI (Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation)

The CTI (the Swiss Federal Commission for the promotion of innovation) has been encouraging the transfer of know-how and technology between universities and companies for over 60 years. The Commission brings together partners from both fields in applied research and development projects, and supports the creation of start-ups.

L'Etat de Neuchâtel

Neode is a tool for promoting the Canton of Neuchatel’s economy. To that effect, the services offered by Neode are complementary to the Canton’s economic promotion initiatives. The Canton of Neuchatel delegates the support of start-ups with a strong technology focus – particularly in the micro-technology field – to the Technology Park. To that end, the Canton subsidises Neode, so that the technology park can offer accommodation, services, and coaching subsidies in order to support young entrepreneurs. These grants provide a significant boost to economic development.


Genilem is a not-for-profit association, the aim of which is to increase the chances of success for companies in the start-up phase. Genilem is actively involved in the renewal of the Swiss economy. Promoting the creation of innovative companies means contributing to economic momentum, to creating jobs, businesses, and economic growth that is beneficial for everyone.


Start-ups and SMCs are our economy’s real business innovation drivers. They have unique know-how, and understand the emerging requirements of their customers. Along with flexibility, which is their major strength, these companies also have strong potential where developing high value-added niche markets are concerned.

However, this is a complex challenge. Over 50% of companies run up against obstacles relating to issues regarding the approval and prioritisation of innovative ideas, and against partnership and internal resource development issues, like strategy, qualifications, and organisational structure. These obstacles are the reason for Platinn’s role, which is “boosting SMC’s business innovation systems!” Founded in 1991 under the name of CSO, our association has around 1,200 clients on its books, 90% of whom have less than 50 employees. The expertise of the 36 Platinn coaches is made available to SMCs thanks to the support of the six French-speaking cantons and of SECO (Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs).

The Swiss solar technology platform

The Swiss solar technology platform is an initiative set up by the Region around Lakes Neuchatel, Biel and Murten (Switzerland’s Three Lakes region), which aims to promote measures aimed at raising awareness or making full use of skills in the solar technology field, through projects involving:

The transfer of solar energy-related knowledge and expertise to any audience, including its members. The promoting, development and exchanging of know-how, science, and technologies relating to solar energy. The setting up of networks and discussion forums between the players involved in the solar energy field in the Three Lakes Region.

The Canton of Neuchatel Department of Economic Development

The Canton of Neuchatel Department of Economic Development is a special partner for companies. Its specialists help you when you found your company, set up in business, or develop your company in the Canton, primarily by providing you with support and useful information that meets your requirements. Thanks to an extensive network of partners and in-depth knowledge of all the economic players in the region, these specialists help you make the contacts required to achieve your goals. They also ensure coordination between your company and the cantonal and Federal authorities, and review the options for financial and technical support that your project requires, such as work or residency permits and property searches.


Venturelab is a national programme financed by the Swiss Federal Commission for the Promotion of Innovation (CTI). Venturelab has been running tailor-made training modules since 2004, in order to raise students’ awareness of entrepreneurship and to offer individual support for start-up projects in the high-technology field.


Euresearch is the Swiss network mandated by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) providing targeted information, hands-on advice and transnational partnering related to European research and innovation programmes. The network is composed of a head office in Bern as well as regional offices at the universities, the federal institutes of technology and the universities of applied sciences. Since 2006 Euresearch has been in charge of the coordination of the Swiss Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and the delivery of its international partnering services