Neode: the Neuchatel platform for technology transfer

Neode’s origins can be traced to the creative forces, manufacturing capabilities, and talents that have made the Neuchatel Region a centre of excellence for micro-technology and new technologies. The Canton of Neuchatel, research and training institutions, and cantonal and private business representatives were all involved in setting up the organisation. As a result, Neode is contributing to the renewal and diversification of the regional economic fabric by encouraging job creation.

Enterprise zone offer

To companies under development.

To start-ups.

To existing companies that are backing projects.

Our acceptation criteria

Neode concerns every project initiator who meets the following criteria :

  • An industrial project in the following economic areas:
  • A proved technology
  • Your product must have reached a certain level of maturity, and must already either be defined or be a prototype
  • Identified clients
  • A great team motivation
  • no local motivation

The sum of subsidy is decided by the Board of Directors depending on the nature of the project. If your demand suites to those criterias, please contact the Direction

Submitting your project to Neode

Ideally, projects should be presented in the form of a Business Plan in which the innovative products are presented together with a plan for their commercial and sales development. If you don't already have a Business plan, your projet must at least entail:

- what your product is all about
- why you believe your product is innovative
- who it will be of use to
- how it will earn money

Send your project to Neode's Director

by e-mail :

by mail :

Neode Technology & Industrial Parc Inc.

Atn.  Direction

Rue de la Maladière 71C

Case Postale 672 - 2002 Neuchâtel

Time factors

  1. Your project will be analysed by Neode's Director. Projects submitted to Neode are analysed firstly by Neode's Director, and then selected, on his recommandation, at one of the monthly meetings of its Boards of Firectors. If required, the Board may call on the advice of specialists.
  2. If your project is accepted by Neode, you will be contacted by its Director.
  3. After defining your needs as projects initiator, Neode's Director will make you an offer for hosting your projec or company at Neode.

Further information

For all questions related to your integration int Neode, please contact the Directionof Neode technology & industrial park Inc.

Main office :

Tel  +41 (0)32 930 29 26
Fax +41 (0)32 930 29 31