Financial assistance

With the Incubator offer, Neode can help you to find the initial financing for your project and to take advantage of:

  • Neode can reduce the cost of the services offered (office, labos, ...)
  • Finergence
  • Neode has a network of venture capitalists

Fingerence is a foundation offering the Initial Financing for Innovative Companies. Its aim is to supply material support to innovative, scientific and technological projects being launched.

Both Finergence -which was set up in 2003 along with Neode, Parc scientifique et technologique Neuchâtel SA- and Neode are instruments of the Canton of Neuchâtel Economic Expansion Bureau - PREN. The principal aim of Fingerence is to supply seed-capital in the form of loans necessary for proving the feasibility of a given project and the validity of its ideas as well as its market potential, at the outset of a development process, before the project needs to turn to other lenders, such as subsidising authorities, capital risk agencies, investors and the like.


The following awards can be a valuable aid in the search for seed funding:

Fondation W.A de Vigier prize

The W.A. de Vigier Foundation has been encouraging innovative ideas with future potential every year since 1987, by awarding a CHF 100,000.00 incentive grant for those ideas. In additional to the start-up capital, award winners also receive non-financial support in the form of valuable contacts, media training, and press, television and radio appearances. The W.A. de Vigier Foundation believes that its involvement contributes to the competitiveness and good health of the Swiss economy.

BCN Innovation prize

To mark its 125th anniversary, Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise (BCN) created the BCN Innovation Award, with a view to supporting economic and scientific development in the Canton. The award has been granted on an annual basis since 2009, and amounts to CHF 300,000.00.

Neode prize

This award is dedicated to the life sciences sector, and aims to support the creation of medical systems. It is awarded in the form of a coaching or consultancy package with a value of CHF 50,000.00, with the aim of helping the founder to industrialise their product, write their business plan or raise funds, as well as setting up their company. This is an award that will promote your medtech patent!

Venture kick prize

Venture kick supports budding entrepreneurs by offering them the opportunity to win up to CHF 130,000.00 in non-repayable seed capital. Thanks to venture kick, start-ups also have the opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge acquired by experts and entrepreneurs who are recognised in their field, and to gain access to a national network of investors and experts in the start-up world.

Fondation Liechti "Coup de pouce" prize 

The annual bursary, in a single amount of CHF 50,000.00, is intended to support corporate projects that display specific economic features, and preferably have a humanitarian impact. With the help of this grant, projects must aim to achieve sustainable advances in areas like healthcare, business ethics, combating poverty, or the environment.


Three young entrepreneurs from Ticino, French-speaking Switzerland and German-speaking Switzerland each receive CHF 50,000.00 to set up their company, which has not yet been founded. The business plan must be applicable in practice on the basis of the main CHF 50,000.00 award – with no other significant financial contribution.