ZTC Technology SA


Pascal Schoeb
Eplatures-Grise 17
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds


tel: +41 32 930 29 66
fax: +41 32 930 29 30


ZTC Technology is a certified ISO 13485 company working on behalf of third parties.  Its role consists in helping a customer go from the conceptualization of an idea to the manufacturing of a product. With more than 25 years of experience in microtechnic devices for the medical field, clock industry and aeronautics, the company has the most advanced means to tackle problems to satisfy the customer's needs.

In close collaboration with its customers, and while strictly following the standards of the development process, ZTC Technology designs products of various complexities. ZTC provides the complete set of documents required for production using advanced software tools such as Pro-Engineer CAD. With a strong knowledge in multi-physics, ZTC Technology's competency area covers micro technology devices, biocompatible materials, and integration of electronics and nanotechnologies.

Sensitive production of medical devices is conducted in a clean air-controlled environment from grey room to white room classified ISO 5 depending on the product requirement. Small and medium size batches are produced by assembling parts made of various materials. From receipt to delivery, ZTC Technology has all the tools to control a continuous and traceable production flow. Each step of the manufacturing process is designed to optimize the final cost of the device.

In its goal of sustainable development, ZTC defined its own process allowing it to produce extremely pure silicon parts while consuming less power.

Target market :
Microtechnic field and particularly the medical devices, aeronautics and the clock industry.

Key words :
Microtechnics ; Medical device ; aircraft ; medical implant ; silicone ; US probe ; precise mouvements ; microrobot.

Financing :