The Biotech Quality Group SA


Fabrice Dekoninck
Rue de la Maladière 71C
2000 Neuchâtel

BQG’s team loves life science industry because it changes patient’s life.

Quality impacts time to market and cost to deliver a solution to the patient. The team advises its customers on their quality systems to be faster on the market (improve top line) or to reduce manufacturing cost through integrated quality (improve bottom line). The result is more money invested in R&D, so that more patients can see their life changed for the better.

BQG’s recipe to serve the industry:

1. Always work on project mode, based on a clear business case, that is continuously reviewed to ensure a continued value creation for the customer.

2. Develop own methodologies based on industry benchmark, worldwide regulatory requirements, other industries practices and internal knowledge

3. Capitalize expertise in a unique Knowledge Management system.

BQG’ services:

1. BQG’s professionals can absorb a temporary overload, solve a quality issue or manage a project. In all cases, they will be coached on a weekly basis to guarantee their motivation, performance and external eye to promote excellence for the customer.

2. "Apollo Maturity" diagnostic to picture the “as is” situation of your quality system (or part of it)  quickly and accurately. Delivered with metrics and backed up by evidences.

3. “Apollo Maturity” solutions will move you towards your vision on a safe way

Target markets: Life Sciences Industry: Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals. We are also well experienced with start-ups as well as with large companies or well established SMEs. Our effective and efficient approach also seduced Contract Manufacturing Operations

Keywords: Compliance, ISO 13485, Manufacturing, Engineering, Production, Design, Supply Chain, Validation, Qualification, Verification, Transfer, Technology, Quality Control, QbD, Lean, Six Sigma, CAPA, Deviation, Change Control, Recall, Process, System, optimisation  ISO 9001, GMP, ASTM, FDA, ANVISA, EMEA, Swiss Medic, TÜV, Change, QA, Project Management, indicators, maturity, responsibility, sharing, knowledge, intelligence, Preventive, Corrective

Funding: privately owned