NeoCoat SA


Christophe Provent
Eplatures Grise-17
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
tel: +41(0)32 930 29 40
Fax: +41(0)32 534 94 91


NeoCoat SA is a high-tech company active in the field of CVD Diamond Coating Technology. Its thin diamond films have various applications and the company focuses its offer of CVD-diamond coating on Microsystems, mechanical or micromechanical parts and doped-diamond electrodes.

The company does business worldwide by developing new applications and products, either with industrial partner or OEM, by selling components, products, processes and engineered equipments, directly or through partners and sales representatives.

Main products and applications:

-Diamond coated tools (drill, routers, inserts, etc.)
-Conductive diamond AFM probes
-Diamond electrodes (BDD – Boron-Doped-Diamond)
-Diamond coated rotary seals
-Diamond coated micromechanical parts
-Crystalline synthetic diamond parts
-CVD diamond processes and equipments

Target market : Metrology, MEMS, Mechanical industry, Microelectronic, Tribology, Water treatment, Electrochemistry

Key words: CVD diamond, BDD, boron-doped diamond, electrodes, diamond cutting tools, seals, CVD reactor, plasma, hot filament, AFM, MEMS, Microsystems, hard coatings.

Financing: Private