Horlovia-Chemicals Sàrl


Dr K.Zahouily
Eplatures-Grise 17
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds


tel: +41 32 519 00 28

mobile:+41 78 200 56 27


Created by Dr. K.ZAHOUILY , Horlovia Chemicals moved to La Chaux -de -Fonds to industrialize Chemical products perfectly adapted to watchmaking and luxury industry and as the following products:

  • UV drop- jet for digital Customerization ( dials , bracelets etc. ..)
  • new generation ink Phosphorescent
  • adhesives and UV adhesive films , water-soluble temporary bonding .
  • development under contracts according  to the  cutomers specifications in : polymers , paints, ink , etc. .
  • temporary peelable/Removable coatings & protective Eco - Zapon coating

The creator has a long experience in research and development. After several years at the CNRS, he created a neighboring France company named PNP that offers tailored services to the clients in the following areas :

  • photopolymerizable functional coatings (anti- scratch, anti -microbial , anti -counterfeiting ..)
  • photopolymerizable composites and / or nanocomposites (like organic enamel)
  • photoresists  (LED direct writing )
  • hybrid UV curable Sol-Gel coatings

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