CitizenBees Sàrl


Audric De Campeau
Maladière 71C
Case postale 672
2002 Neuchâtel
Tél +41 (0)79 817 08 99
Fax +41 (0)32 930 29 31

CitizenBees is an environmentally responsible company that develops a beekeeping ready to use service to host technological and urban beehives, on the roof of business and communities in order to participate in the conservation of bees, which are essential pollinators.

The technology is betting on the evolution of bees in cities, in developing solutions to visualize the activity and health of the hive, live on large screens, interactive terminals, smartphones, etc.

To connect bees to the Internet using sensors and cameras installed on hives, is the goal of its founder Audric Campeau, an urban beekeeper.

The population of cities by bees allows us to keep track of the risk of pollution.

CitizenBees proposes to use the bee as a biomonitoring support through its outstanding qualities of markers of the environment and pollutants.

Target Markets: in the first time Europe


Key words: Environnement, Green, HighTech, Apiculture urbaine, ruches citoyennes

Financing : self-financed