Bright Sensors SA


Conor Slater, Co-founder and CEO

Gaël Farine, Co-founder and COO


Maladière 71C

Case Postale 672

CH - 2002 Neuchâtel


Bright Sensors is a spinoff of EPFL founded in 2014. It has developed and patented a new type of sensor to measure the quality of natural gas, to improve the combustion thereof. The segments of the market are natural gas boilers and furnaces, natural gas vehicles and the distribution of natural gas. An evaluation kit of the sensor is available for customers to test the technology.

Target markets:

Natural gas water heaters and boilers, natural gas engines, natural gas vehicles, natural gas production and distribution


Natural gas quality sensor, Wobbe Index sensor, Evaluation kit, Air-fuel ratio, Natural gas boilers, Natural gas vehicles, Natural gas distribution, Microsystem packaging, High reliability, Low cost