BlueBird Photovoltaics Ltd.


BlueBird Photovoltaics Ltd.

Rue de la Maladière 71C

2002 Neuchâtel

tel  +41 (0) 78 795 87 01


BlueBird Photovoltaics Ltd.’s purpose is to produce specialized photovoltaic modules.

The company meets a growing need in that fast expanding sector. It is a “missing link” between research laboratories, products development institutes and entities, start-ups, innovators and inventors on one side and manufacturers and factories dedicated to mass production on the other side.

The company is also intended for individuals, for the making of made to measure products.

BlueBird Photovoltaics Ltd. possesses a production infrastructure allowing it to adapt itself rapidly and at low cost to numerous specific requests in the photovoltaic domain.

Projects such as:

  • OEM solar modules integration in series products (watchmaking, information technology, tourism, mobility, construction, etc.),
  • solar mobility (aeronautic, automobile and caravanning, water sports, soft mobility, robots, nomadic use, recharge stations, etc.)
  • and architectural integration (BIPV or better).

BlueBird Photovoltaics Ltd. designs, also develops and tests prototypes.

BlueBird Photovoltaics Ltd. offers original products whose durability has been tested and proven. In addition, these can be ultralight, highly efficient, in dimensions made to measure, flexible, colored, made of special materials, designed for complex integration or for specific environments (space, Arctic / Antarctic, salt water, volcano, war / conflicts theaters / humanitarian aid, high mechanical constraints, etc.)

BlueBird Photovoltaics Ltd. benefits from manufacturing processes and tools developed for the creation of innovative prototypes. It enhances them if necessary, to adapt them to series production, in small, medium or large scale. Work is most of the time manual and highly specialized, based on high tech products manufactured through innovating manufacturing processes.

Target markets : Electro-solar mobility, OEM integration in series products, architecture.

Keywords : Photovoltaics, ultra lightweight, high efficiency, flexible stiff or curvable solar panel, customized products, B2B, B2C, OEM, swiss made, ground, marine, aeronautics, space, solar vehicles, BIPV.

Financing : 100% of the funds loaned by potential investors.