Amicrosystems SA


Feng Gao
Maladière 71C
Case Postale 672
2002 Neuchâtel
tél:+41 (0) 32 930 29 59

Established in 2013 in Neuchâtel, Amicrosystems (AMI) researches, develops and manufactures innovative products in the sectors of electronics and micro-technology.

The company, active worldwide, specializes various industrial applications in the fields of navigation, measurement and stability control. AMI provides high-end products and solutions designed and manufactured exclusively in Switzerland. The exceptional precision, combined with outstanding long-term stability, define our products an additional guarantee of high performance.

Currently there are two types of high precision interface to inertial sensors available.  AMI plans to further develop top-quality products of high precision specific electronics, as well as micro-machined sensors for the applications in extreme environments.

Key words:

high precision, electronics, current-to-frequency, conversion module, analog-to-digital, isolated dc-dc, miniature, power supply, sensors, high performance, high reliability, long-term stability, extreme environments