ABC SwissTech Sàrl


Stephane Chagnard
Eplatures-Grise 17
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

tel      +41 (0)32 930 29 50
fax     +41 (0)32 930 29 30


ABC SwissTech develops innovative technical solutions for mechanising the processes of polishing and deburring that previously necessitated manual treatment.

ABC SwissTech has a laboratory for testing and perfecting which allows it to offer customers a guarantee of results at the laboratory-phase or industrial scale.

On the one hand, it proposes a complete range of abrasives offering over 500 different types of medium in ceramics, porcelain, plastics, metals and new materials, specific abrasive powders and additives.

On the other, it has developed a series of equipment including circular and linear vibrators, centrifuges, centrifugal tumblers (horizontal or oblique axis), traditional tumblers, screen-scroll centrifuges, vibratory dryers, hot air centrifugal dryers, and so forth.

Finally, ABC SwissTech has just put the finishing touches to a new piece of equipment using pioneering kinetics for which a patent has filed; this equipment will facilitate very high quality polishing operations for the medical and watch-making sectors.

Target markets : Watch-making, medical, micromechanical, surface treatment, automobile, microelectronics, aeronautics sectors and any company seeking to improve its polishing and deburring process from the point of view of quality, regularity and costs

Key words : Polishing, deburring, vibratory finishing, diamond dressing, vibratory polishing, barreling, trovalisation, abrasives, polishing media, ceramics, porcelain, abrasive powders, soaps, liquid compounds, shakers, vibrators, centrifuges, dryers, screen centrifuges, water treatment, recycling, environment

Financing : Private Finance