Neode Prize 2009

The Neode Award rewards creators of cutting-edge products in the medical sector, who will be able to develop and promote their idea thanks to the financial support and logistics provided by the Neode Technology Park’s facilities.

The Neode Award is intended for inventors and visionaries, which is why Neode encourages any individual, group of individuals, or institution from any background to take part. To be included in the competition, all that is needed is to have an innovative idea, and to be prepared to found a company based in the Canton of Neuchatel.

The Award brings together a jury that primarily consists of internationally recognised doctors and professors. This initiative covers the full inter-disciplinary range of medtech products, which, in combination with the various aspects of industry and medicine, enable a functional prototype to be produced and its success to be approved.

Prof Afksendiyos Kalangos, the Chairman of the jury, adds credibility to the competition, primarily through his ideas, which have been embodied via products that are currently on the market. Prof. Kalangos invites his medical colleagues to take part in the Neode Award, and thereby drive innovation. In addition, in order to make up the jury he has associated ten doctors who have achieved world-wide recognition through this Award. This committee, which is highly specialised in medical systems, is the key factor for determining the opportunity and benefits of the products entered for the Award.

Neode Prize 2009

Medical devices used in surgery

This is a life-sciences prize for creators of medical devices. The prize is awarded in the form of coaching or consulting services to the value of CHF 50,000.00 and is aimed at helping designers to manufacture their product, draft a business plan, search for financing, or to set up their company. This prize complements your Medtech award.



The prize winner : Dr.Robert Apter  

The 1st nominated project : Mr.Rémi Charrier


The 2nd nominated project : Dr.Yvan Arlettaz


Remise du Prix le 3 novembre 2009, à 16h00 au Château de Vaumarcus.

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