The companies hosted by Neode can benefit from a tailor-made service. Thanks to its sponsors, the Park has a communication strategy, while various communication platforms ensure its visibility through a large number of initiatives. Neode organises events intended for the Park’s tenants, as well as external events.

Inter-company breakfasts: The Park’s tenants are invited to meet one another several times a year, by attending inter-company breakfasts.

The Neode Forums: The Park organises forums on a regular basis. The topics cover the various stages in the life of a start-up, from creation to development. The forums are open to anyone interested in the topics covered.

The Neode Award: The Neode prize: the award rewards the backer of a cutting-edge medtech product project and is delivered by a jury made up mainly of internationally recognised doctors.

Micro-technology events: Working together with other institutions, the Micro-technology events showcase microtechnologies, and are organised on a biannual basis. The programme is organised in four formats - specialised conferences, conferences for the general public, youth workshops, and exhibitions.